When you read or hear RV, you think of those huge trailers and yes you would be correct but it could also be something else. Think of a tiny RV, a movable home, such as a tiny house or even better van life.


In our family we enjoy traveling of all sorts, whether we’re flying, driving, train or boat. Now that we’re parents we want to expose our little one to our traveling ways and part of that will be plenty of roadtrips.

In Texas
New Mexico
Exploring New Mexico

We don’t mind doing hotels, we are by no means stuck up. We will stay at a small Motel 6 as easy as we will stay at a five star hotel. The room is just a room, bed and shower. We travel for the experience not to stay in a hotel room. At the same time you can be out in the middle of nowhere be exhausted and nowhere to stay.

Terlingua (25)1(c)
Like when we went to Lajitas & Terlingua

A few months ago we were discussing adventures with my sister and brother in law (they have rented a small RV before) and we all agreed that having somewhere to stay, take your pets and shower was great. Yet I can’t imagine driving such a huge vehicle and the thought of the gas scares me.

Then as if Facebook read our minds, it started showing converted jeep that a guy took from U.S to South America. That was interesting and then facebook showed me a video of a couple who converted a bus into a tiny home. Again too big for me but it got me thinking of something smaller. A van!

The researcher in me jumped all over it. Google is my best friend, you can find anything. The problem is convincing husband who likes his space. I showed him numerous Pinterest pins on how to convert vans and mini buses into homes. Still not on board.

Pinterest Board

I knew he was not loving the thought and was just being polite and just playing along. But since this is meant to be, guess what was in town? Of course the RV show! Haha jokes on hubby. He never says no to going out and exploring new events. I wanted him to get ideas for our van life. He was there to convince me we needed more space, but once he saw the mansions on wheels he thought it was crazy. These things are the price of a home. I’m sorry but we don’t need our entire house with us when we travel.

The inside of a smaller sprinter van

It’s only us, our little one and our tiny puppy. We don’t need that much space. What I did ask for was a restroom. Why you ask, because I hate using public bathrooms and will hold it as long as I can.

Once husband actually stood inside of a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van he understood what I had been blabbing about for our road trips. He got so excited but more about putting one together himself instead of buying one. They were nice, but too nice. What you’re paying for is too many bells and whistles that you don’t need. Most of these have several tvs, some even an oven. I don’t see myself baking on a road trip.


Overall the RV show helped me to convince the ever stubborn husband. Now he is obsessed looking for the perfect van. I can’t wait to join the Van Life!